Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Kitchens

Here are some pictures of the Kitchen: They include Dishwashers disposal's.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hello friends!

HEy! Never posted on here but there is a first for everything. I really do enjoy reading what everyone is up to. All of your children are so cute! They are all growing so fast, so are mine but you don't notice as much when they are your own kids!
Jared and I are now back in Washington. We really enjoyed living in Arizona for the last year. I really miss all of the sunshine and I get really sad everytime I read Jamie's blog. Seattle is where the Lord wants us so I will just have to deal with it.
My kids are growing so much and I really want another one but right now is not the time. It makes me sad but everything happens in the Lord's time and not my own. The kids really want a baby but I am barely surviving with them right now so...Here are a few pictures of our family.

Let's Here it for the Slacker!

Hey everyone, guess what....I'm alive! It's true, I am totally, truthfully, officially, undeniably horrible at consistent communication. (Whew, too much Wizard of Oz for Audrey, I think. It's rubbing off on me.) My inconsistency is just a flaw of mine you have to get over if you want to be my friend. And if not, sorry to bother you with this post. :)

So, to wrap up the last couple of months, grad school life is crazy-busy and really HARD. I do not envy those of you who are doing dental and med school. I can barely handle one year! (Well, I might envy those salaries in a few decades, but we will see. Ha ha!)

My girls are growing and luckily love each other to pieces. The most common scene of Audrey and Avalee together is lots of laughing and squealing. Not just any giggling, though. I'm talking the gut-wrenching donkey laughs complete with snorts and tears. Audrey starts it by "fake" laughing at Avalee, who seems to think all-things-Audrey are comical. Then it just goes on and on and on until one of them can't physically take it anymore or they bump heads, which, of course, isn't funny at all. It brings sunshine to our house on all these RAINY Portland afternoons. Someone told me yesterday that the rain doesn't really let up here until July. JULY?! I guess I will just have to keep a towel in the stroller to wipe down the playground equipment year-round.

Let me tell you all, WE MISS OUR ELLENSBURG FRIENDS!! I know there are good people in the church everywhere, but we truly miss all of you. I might not have been the most involved of the group, but I always knew if I needed help or a friend, I could call any of you. Anyhow, Matthew has decided to start looking for jobs even though it is a little early. From the specific nature of his degree (Master of International Management: Supply Chain & Logistics in the Asia Pacific Rim) (try saying that fast five times), we could end up with any company or government sector that deals with Asia/Pacific economies. My thoughts? It's going to be Portland, Seattle, or San Franscisco areas. I will try ("try") to update when we get closer to that. In the meantime, I have loved seeing all your updates and everything from Christmas to Easter photos. I will just share a few today so I can motivate myself to do this more often and post more pictures later. :) I hope you are all doing well, and we wish everyone happy spring days ahead! Is Eburg getting warmer yet?

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hey Everyone...I have enjoyed looking at everyones blog.  Just thought I would say hi and also apologize for not commenting.  I am quite computer illiterate and have had no clue this whole time that comments could be made on blogspots so my apologies.  It has been fun reading all the comments some of you have made on our blogsite from the past year.  pretty embarressing.  I am so impressed with everyone's do you do the music and the fun backgrounds....I love it.  

Anyway, Just thought I'd add a few pics.  1st one is Dalan, Jaqueline, Joanna(sorry Jolie I probably just butchered the spelling of their names)hanging out together.  2nd pic is Jaqueline looking so cute so I had to take a pic when I was babysitting one day.  Last but not least, I thought I would really put "myself out there" with the ugly pic of me.  I was joking with Dustin one night and surprised him with a "Sexy" apperance.  I put on my fleece that he really doesn't care for(I love it cause it is so warm, I guess almost 4 years of marriage and a baby brings comfort over style) my glasses that I very seldom wear b/c I hate glasses, my retainers and a hair net.  I walked out and we both just laughed as he made the comment "wow, babe you really know how to turn a man on"   It is always good to laugh at yourself sometimes and that night we both laughed.  Is there a funny/ugly/surprising pic you can share....lets see brave! 

Have a great week everyone


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Is there a marathoner in the house?

Congrats Rachel!

Friday, April 4, 2008


These are the first and second buildings on the Crestview side. New siding, roofs, doors, and not pictured are the ditches for the SPRINKLER SYSTEM!!!